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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guthi Tradition in Newar Community

Guthi Tradition in Newar Community

Newar Society, being one of the indigenous groups of Nepal, has its own distinct identity, culture and traditions. Guthi , a traditional social organization,  is regarded as one of the core elements of their society. Guthi, a socio-religious organization being practiced by Newar people since their ancient times, has been acting as a caretaker of the Newar traditions and culture. Various types of Guthi existed have their own objectives and functionalities. Of which, Sana Guthi is termed as the most important one.

Death is one irresistible phenomena of nature; a person born has to die for sure. Different communities have their own way of disposing the corpse which varies according to religion. In Newar society, though the corpse is burnt according to Hindu religion, distinct series of rituals has to be followed which is pretty much different than other Hindu communities. Sana Guthi becomes important for carrying out such rituals properly. However, it was also identified that impacts of modernization are also high on such rituals. As a result, some rituals have changed their shape while some have already vanished.  (Source: Niraj Dongol)

Some snaps from Syasya: Sana: Guthi of Shree Pachali Bhairav

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