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Sunday, November 24, 2013

History Revisited : Bhim Mukteshwar Temple, Kalimati

History Revisited : Bhim Mukteshwar Temple, Kalimati (Built by Mathwar Singh Thapa)

Bhimsen Thapa (Nepali: भीमसेन थापा; August 1775 – 28 July, 1839) was the Prime Minister of Nepal from 1806 to 1837. After his initial rise to power during the reign of Rana Bahadur, the immature age of Girvan Yuddha Shah and Rajendra Bikram Shah, coupled with the support from Rani Tripurasundari (the junior queen), who was also his niece, allowed him to continue to stay in power. 

During his prime ministership, the Gurkha empire had already reached its greatest expanse from Sutlej river in the west to the Teesta river in the east. Nepal entered into a disastrous Anglo-Nepalese War with the East India Company lasting from 1814–16, which was concluded with the Treaty of Sugauli, by which Nepal lost almost one-third of its land. The death of Queen Tripurasundari in 1832, his strongest supporter, and the adulthood of king Rajendra, weakened his hold on power.

The conspiracies and infighting with rival courtiers (especially the Pandes, who held Bhimsen Thapa responsible for the death of Damodar Pande in 1805) finally led to his imprisonment and death by suicide.  

On the 20th of July 1839, driven to desperation, Bhimsen attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a khukuri, of which wound he died nine days afterwards. His enemies refused even the ordinary funeral rites to his corpse. It was dismembered and exposed about the city, and afterwards the mangled remains were thrown on the Bishnumati river-side as food for vultures and jackals. His very bones were not allowed to be removed that they might be buried. 
From Wikipedia 

Later on Mathwar Singh Thapa one of Bhimsen Thapa's relative came to power. He built a temple along the same river-side where Bhimsen's body lied dead. This temple is known as Bhim Mukteshwar. Presently, with little attention from the concern body, the temple is being ruined from the harsh time. 

From the history of Nepal we came to know that Mathwar Singh Thapa also got the same fate. Historians say that Jung Bahadur Rana murdered him and came to power. The road to Bhim Mukteshwar Temple is named after Mathwar and now known as Math Mukteshwar Marga. 

Hence the triology of history begins with Rana Mukteshwar Temple, situated at the site where Rana Bahadur Shah was murdered, built by Bhimsen Thapa who was loyal to Rana Bahadur. 

Bhim Mukteshwar Temple, situated at the bank of River Bishnumati where Bhimsen's body was thrown, built by Mathwar Singh Thapa. 

The road to Bhim Mukteshwar temple is named after Mathwar, Math Mukteshwar Marga.
I visited this place after many attempts to relocate it along the bank of Bishnumati River. This historic temple now awaits for an reinnovation.

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