Tuesday, August 7, 2012

President Obama, this is the time to act for Peace and respect Peace Messenger

Dear President Obama,
Recently we highlighted these photos and the news when you visited Great Buddha in Japan and Hilari Clinton was placing Lotus flowers on a Buddha statue.

The Buddha is revered as a Messenger of Peace. He is also known as the Light of Asia who is actually the Light of the World as his message of peace and non-violence has become more relevant as the world is facing many violence problems today. The world today has become more violent than ever before. Therefore, it was decided to spread the messages of the Buddha all over the world by observing Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day every year.
Kindness, compassion and empathy are the synonyms of Buddhism. The eyes of Buddha are the insignia of love. Lumbini is the place where mind and heart take pleasure in for peace. This is the land when eyes are closed, heart opens. And Lumbini symbolized ultimate peace and harmony. This could be the right time to work together to declare Lumbini a World Peace City to catalyze World Peace in the present critical world situation.
President Obama,
The people of the world never forget these:
1. Signed by you and Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, the treaty commits the two nations to cut the number of their deployed strategic (i.e. long-range) nuclear warheads to 1550 each — a reduction of 30 percent in the number of these weapons of mass destruction. By providing for both a cutback in nuclear weapons and an elaborate inspection system to enforce it, New START is the most important nuclear disarmament treaty for a generation.
2.  The United Nations Security Council Summit’s resolution calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons was its first resolution dedicated to nuclear proliferation and disarmament and the first chaired by a U.S. President.  In addressing the Security Council’s members, you: “The historic resolution we just adopted enshrines our shared commitment to the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.”  Building on the extraordinary leadership of you and Medvedev, this resolution is a significant step toward an international consensus on this goal and a stirring moment for so many who have worked on this issue for so long.  World leaders are recognizing that whatever stability nuclear arsenals may have provided during the Cold War is now outweighed by the growing risks of proliferation and nuclear terrorism; and the only way to eliminate the nuclear threat is to eliminate all nuclear weapons.
3. You got Nobel Peace Prize
Undoubtedly you would be historic world leaders if New START and the United Nations Security Council Summit’s historic resolution will not be limited in document but will be implemented with concrete strategies to bring real change in the world creating favorable environment to the future generations to live in.
President Obama,
Recently in your country one company produced this kind of shoes. People have feeling that this is not only against Buddha and Buddhism but also against the feeling and efforts of World Peace.
Dear President Obama,
This is the time to act for Peace and respect Peace Messenger and not to insult him.  We, therefore, are quite sure and optimistic that you will take action against the company to respect, catalyze and boost World Peace sentiment and activities.
Sincerely yours,
Ram Kumar Shrestha
Global Coordinator
Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement