Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jhee Kawi Chittadhar Hridaya

Source : Pabitra Kasaa  

This is a short film on one of the prominent poet of Nepal Bhasha (Newaa Bhaye/ Newar Language) , Late Chittadhar "Hridaya" Tuladhar (1906-1979). Chittadhar "Hridaya" was honoured with the title KAWI KESHARI by Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah in 1962 and JHEE KAWI (OUR POET) by Newaa People, the only Indigenous Ethnic people of Kathmandu Valley, for his unforgettable contribution to promote and preserve the Newar Language. 

He was jailed for no other reason than writing poems and stories in Nepal Bhasha (Newar language) , his Mother Language, by the Rana regime which ruled dictatorship in the country for 104 years .He and his sister Late Moti Laxmi Tuladhar "Upasika" were regarded as the first Male and Female "Modern Story Writers " respectively in Nepal Bhasha. (Moti Laxmi being the first female story writer of Nepal ).

"SUGAT SAURAV " - one of the literary masterpiece by "Hridaya" has been translated into many languages. This film was shot on 16 mm Celluloid Film (Kodak Reversal Film) during the last few years of JHEE KAWI almost 35 years ago. This is the only celluloid film ever shot on any Litterateur of Nepal. (There have been so many in Digital Format but not on Celluloid Film yet so far.)Though the cinematographer and director Nabin Chitrakar took the Audio in a tape recorder but lost it. The film was processed and kept in the office of Nepal Bhasha Parishad for many years and converted into digital formats for EDITING and DVD production 6 years ago(2006). The digitized version of celluloid format is presented here.

Great Poet Chittadhar Hridaya has made significant contribution to Nepali (Nepal Bhasa and Khas Bhasa) literature. His great epic SUGAT SAURAV has been translated into many languages. This documentary is uploaded here with the permission of the owner NEPAL BHASA PARISHAD and Director/Cameraman Mr. Nabin Chitrakar. Courtesy MATINA - the only Nepalese International Magazine

Great Poet Chittadhar Hridaya - Nepal Bhasa Version Part 1

contd... Part 2 follows

Great Poet Chittadhar Hridaya - Nepal Bhasa Version Part 2