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Friday, January 25, 2013

Essays on Martyrs Of Nepal

Martyrs Of Nepal
Many People had to fight for democracy; may had to undergo torture and imprisonment. many had to ose their property and many had to sacrifice their lives. Among them, Name of 4 Martyrs comes in front who sacrificed their lives for the welfare of people and bring democracy in the country. 

Sukra Raj Shastri 

Shukra Raj Joshi was born in Kthmandu in 1950 BS. His father's name ws Madhav Raj Joshi and mother is Ratna Maya. Though he was newar, he studied Sanskrit and got the degree of Shastri. It was because of his Shastri degree he was called Shukra Raj "Shastri". After his education, he became a teacher and taught in Allahabad for 4 years. he worked for Hindu Mahasabha in India. he was a writer and wrote books named Nepalko Jhalai, Satya Prakash, Sanskrit Pradeep, Satya Kalpana, Brahmasutra and Swargako Dwar. In course of getting his book printed, he had to go to Calcutta. There he met Pandit Malviya, a great Indian scholar and reformer. He met Mahatman Gandhi too, on several occasions. In those days, there were some underground Nepalese leaders who were planning to overthrow the Ranas regime. Shukra Raj had contact with them. Coming to know that Shukra Raj had relations with the Indian leaders, PM Juddha Shamsher suspected that he was in collusion with them against the Ranas. Shukraraj pleaded for his innocence but his argument went unheard. he was put under house-arrest. This incident produced in his heart great antipathy against the Ranas. In 1937 AD, Shukra Raj Shastri, Rajalal, Kedar Man Vyathit, Gangalal etc. established a Nepali Right Committee with Shukraraj as the president. The members of the committee were playing great roles in bringing political awareness by means of explaining the puranas and publishing articles in newspapers. Shastri gave lectures on the Geeta in a number of places. The Rana government grew suspicious. At last, the secret was out and all the members were arrested. Shukraraj Shastri was convicted of giving letures without the permission of the government. He was imprisoned and tortured. Eventually, he was sentenced to death and on Magh 10, 1997 he was hanged at Pachali Bhairab, near Teku.

Dharma Bhakta Mathema:

Dharma Bhakta Mathema was born of a Newar family in Kathmandu in 1965 BS. His Father Adibhakta Mathema held a government office. he was a 'subba' during the Rana rule. He often went to India to purchase things for the Ranas. he met learned men in India and knew the importance of education. He send Dharma Bhakta to Darjeeling for education. When he had received his education there, he went to Calcutta to study there. 

Dharma Bhakta was lean and thin in his childhood. So he was admitted to 'Physical Institute' at Calcutta. Due to physical exercise, his health improved unexpectedly and he was announced as "Bengal Champion" in a physical show. It was the time when Indian leaders were struggling for the independence of India from the British rule. Dharma Bhakta met Chittaranjan Das and joined the struggle. Then he returned to kathmandu with the ardent desire of freedom from the Rana regime. In those days, Juddha Shamsher was PM of Nepal. he exiled AdiBhakta Mathema. Dharma Bhakta met Dashrath Chand in Kathmandu in 1990 BS. In 1936 AD, a political party Praja Parishad was founded in the house of Dharma Bhakta. The founders were Tanka Prasad Acharya, Jiwan Raj Sharma, Ramhari Sharma, Dharma Bhakta and Dashrath Chand. 
Once Dharma Bhakta had an occasion to display his physical features at Ghode Jatra. King Tribhuwan was greatly impressed by him. He was appointed to teach King Tribhuwan Physical exercise. He acted as a link between the king and the Praja Parishad. he conveyed every activity of the Praja parishad to the King. One day, a secret meeting of Praja Parishad was held in Lainchaur. King Tribhuwan attended the meeting. The information reached to Juddha Shamsher. Many members of Praja Parishad including Dharma Bhakta were arrested. On Magh 12, 1997 BS, Dharma Bhakta was hanged till death at Shifal at Midnight.

Ganga Lal Shrestha:

Gangalal Shrestha was a genuine democrate who sacrificed his life to introdue democracy into Nepal. he was the son of Bhaktalal, who was in government Service. Gangalal was born in 1975 BS. When his father was at Bhangeri in Ramechhap district. He went to Calcutta with his uncle to study;. After his education in Calcutta, he came back to Kathmandu and was admitted to Durbar High School. he was an intelligent student and secured first division at the Matriculation Examination. Whjen his school examination was over, he was admitted to Trichandra College, where he studied Science. 

Galgalal was fond of acting and his acting was liked by people. Apart from this, he was an excellent orator. In those days, the campaign against the Ranas rule had been started by educated and conscious Nepalese. In 1936 AD Mahabir School was founded to bring consciousness. Gangalal jointed the school. The main aim of the school was to fill the student's heart with patriotic feelings. One day in 1995 BS, Gangalal gave a lecture on human rights at Asan. He was arrested but was soon released. One day, the met Dasharathchand and joined the Praja parishad. He started working vigorouly to overthrow the Rana rule. The Praja Parishad began distributing pamphelts against the Rana government. In 1997 BS, he was arrested and put into jail. There he was inhumanely tortured. On karkit15, 1997, he and Dasharath Chand were shot dead in front of Shobha Bhagwati.

Dashrath Chand Thakur:

Dashrath Chand Thakur was Rajput by caste. He was born at baskot in the district of Baitadi in 1960 BS. His father's name was Sher Bahadur Chand. He received his primary education at Nepalgunj. the he studied in different places like Almoda, Kumaon, Nainital etc. Finally, he went to Banaras, where he passed I.A. examination. In Banaras, he worked for Kashi Nagari Pracharini Sabha. He has seen how Indians were trying to free India from the British rule. He was impressed by the freedom movement of India. he remembered the miserable condition of the general public of Nepal. The public were suffering from poverty, illeteracy and ignorance. they were being exploited by the ruling class who had no law to obey and who lived in luxury. Dasharath Chand couldn't resist protesting the rulers. He was determined to end the Rana rule. He began to write articles against the Ranas in the Janata published from Patna in India under the pseudonym of Sewasingh. 

Dashrath Chand met Tanka Prasad Acharya and Dharma Bhakta Mathema. A political paty called the Praja Parishad was organized in the presidency of Tanka Prasad Acharya. It became active and started distributing pamphlets explaining the arbitrary Rana rule. For about 4 months, the government culd not know who were doing it. At last, a reward of Rs. 5000 was announced for the revealation of the secret. The reward tempted Ramji Joshi, a member of Praja Parishad and he disclosed the secret. So arresting the leaders was started. Gangalal and Dashrath Chand were arrested. In prison, they were given severe torture and pain. They were asked to beg pardon but they didn't do so. At last, on Kartik 15 1997, Dasharath Chand and Gangalal were shot dead at Shobha Bhagawati.

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