Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bas Ek Han Ki Guzarish - Ghazani Film Review by Raj Shrestha

बस एक हाँ के इन्तजार मे
रात यूँ ही गुजर जाएगी
अब तो बस उलझन है साथ मेरे
नीद कहाँ आएगी
सुबह की किरण ना जाने
कौन सा संदेस लाएगी
रिमझिम सी गुनगुनाएगी या प्यास अधूरी रह जाएगी

GHAJINI tells the story of Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), a short-term memory loss patient whose memory resets every fifteen minutes. Living life literally fifteen minutes at a time, Sanjay keeps his memory alive through writings and snapping photos with captions of those who are important. Prominent throughout his written memory is the name Mr. Ghajini and Revenge. What is the connection between Sanjay and Mr. Ghajini? Not even Sanjay knows. What follows is a sequence of flashbacks of Sanjay's life prior to his memory-loss, all leading up to one fateful night that forever changed his life.

Asin, as Kalpana, is an absolute pleasure to experience. She breathes a level of life into her character rarely seen in today's male-dominated Industry. Everything from the tonal inflections of her dialogue delivery down to the expressive glances of her eyes is flawless. What I personally loved about her character was that she is able to emote a brimming level of affection and love towards Sanjay without the usual Bollywood gush and over-the-top antics. This is testament to her maturity as a structured and balanced actress. Let's see more of you Asin!

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